A Downtown North Coffee Shop

A place for coffee and conversation. A place to meet new friends and gather with old friends. A place to sit and relax. A place to be. Located in the Downtown North neighborhood of Knoxville, TN.

The “third place” is a term coined by Ray Oldenburg in his influential book, “The Great Good Place”. Third places are where people can regularly visit to take it easy, meet with friends and neighbors and whoever just happens to show up. That’s our goal...to create a space where you can meet your neighbors, start new friendships, discuss ideas, interact with others, and enjoy delicious coffee and tea.

Stop in and enjoy a delicious specialty coffee drink, a fine organic green tea or warm banana nut muffin. At Remedy you’ll find a comfortable atmosphere with cozy seating, fresh coffee, good books, board games, free WiFi, smiling faces and as much local artist flavor as possible.

Beyond the coffee, Remedy gives a portion of it's sales each month to ideas, people, and organizations in Downtown Knoxville that are working to restore and transform our city. We live in this city and we love this city and it's our pleasure to give back.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday (8:00am -6:00pm)
Sunday - Saturday (7:00am - 12:00pm)

A Downtown North Coffee Shop

  • The Third Place

    Remedy Coffee is a special place that our neighbors just like to be. It's comfortable, it's alive, it's filled with unique people and delicious espresso, teas and baked goods.

  • Intelligentsia Coffee

    Remedy partners with Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters to serve fresh, organic, direct trade coffee along with delicous loose leaf tea from around the world.

  • Cold Brew on Tap

    Remedy serves house made cold brew coffee infused with chicory and served daily from our tap. It's refreshing, rich and not for the faint of heart.